Belgian Championships 17th Sep 2017

Belgian Championships

Youths – Juniors – Seniors & Veterans

Individual  Tul

Individual Sparring & Team Sparring

An organization of Taekwon-Do school «Hwa Rang» & BITA


Championship Taekwon-Do ITF

Sunday, 17th September 2017


Sporthal Hetblock ,Orchideenlaan1820 Steenokkerzeel

Organizers :

Bita  & Hwa Rang Taekwon-Do school

Pascal Raeijmaekers


Contact address for all entries

Pascal Raeijmaekers

Kasteellaan 12, 1910 Kampenhout

Tel : +32 475 90 25 13  Email

Umpire Comitee :

Pascal Raeijmaekers

Email :


Opening of the Hall : 9h00

Weigh-in & inscriptions :  9h15

Coadh Meeting & Umpire Meeting : 9h45

Start of competition : 10h 00

Entry fees Competitors : 

12 € ( 1 category )

15 € ( 2 categories )

10 € per team.

entrance +12y : 2€

Closing date for all entries Sept 10th 2017


You can send changes to Pascal by mail.

Free Annulations & changes only possible until 10th Sept 2017


Each incorrect inscription or overweight/height after 10th Sept 2017,

will be charged 2€ – Also on the competition.


Payments at the beginning of the competition 





All referees have to wear the dress requirements, as laid down in the ITF umpire rules.

The ITF-system will be used (KO-system), or round-robin if only 3 competitors in the


A Lunch is provided for fulltime referees.


Every school has to bring as many referees as they can. At least :

  • 1-5 competitors : at least 1 full-time referee
  • 6-10 competitors : at least 2 full-time referees
  • 10-15 competitors : at least 3 full-time referees
  • 16 or more competitors : at least 4 full-time referees


Per missing referee = a penalty of 50€ can be charged.

Black belts who are umpire before competing will be considered as full-time


Do your best to bring as much referees as possible in order to make this

competition run properly.



All participants have to wear an ITF dobok; semi-contact feet- and hand protections (covering

fingers), mouth guard, and groin guard (for males) mandatory; for juniors head protection is

compulsory, for seniors head protection is allowed; shin protections are allowed; only ITF

approved safety equipment will be allowed (no boxing gloves, no open gloves).

If there is not enough competitors in a category, the organization will put classes together.

There will NOT be 2 third places.


Scoring of the points

1 point: hand technique to mid or high section.

2 points: foot technique to mid section. 3 points: foot technique to high section.

Because each inscription is linked with a club, the teacher of this club is responsible for the

insurance of their participants. Moreover, the competitors must be member of BITA.


No (official) protest to the referee (DO)! We all can make mistakes. In doubt contact

Boosabum Etienne, he will ask head referee Sabum Emmanuel for advice.

Together with the coaches, there will always be a solution.

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