Mai-Juin 2019 – Planning

Les liens d’inscription pour les événements sont sont disponibles dans l’agenda :

  • Championnats de Belgique – Perwez 19/05/2019
  • Tjamie Open – Utrecht 23/06/2019
  • Brabant Cup – Wezembeek 29/06/2019

Lasergame Teambuilding

L’event du Lasergame a été un très grand succès avec 52 participants et tous leurs supporters.

Tout le monde a pris du plaisir.  Merci à tous d’avoir fait de ce jour un superbe souvenir.


European Championships 2013, Bled, Slovenia


Between 22nd and 29th April 2013, the XXVIII. Adult, XIX. Junior, V. Veteran and III. Children European Taekwon-do ITF Championships, will be held in the beautiful Bled, Slovenia.

All necessary information can be found on the website

The Belgian National Team Members will be ready to face their opponents.

Joint Training with the Netherlands and Belgium for the World Champioships 2012

During the European Championships in Bulgaria, the coaches from the Netherlands
and from Belgium started with the idea to organise common squads ??trainings during
the next weeks, this good initiative took further shape. The idea was to share training
idea’s in preparation for the Worlds Championship in August.

It was decided first to train in the Netherlands on 8th of July in a place called Berghem,
where the lessons of Taekyon Berghem usually take place. The hall was rented
for the whole day.

First part was conditional training with lots of push ups and crunches. Then coach Ton took
over for a great boxing session giving a lot of attention to the footwork.

Meanwhile, Master Chris entered the trainingroom, as the Master was taken the tuls,
hosinsul for his account

After lunch we started again, the Master showed us how to perform our tuls in competition,
the Master teached us with his famous enthusiasm and humor.

Later the Master was giving his input for the squad members that will do self-defense
on the World Championship.

At the same time the other squad members of both countries did many sparring exercises
where much attention was given on the counter-yop chagi. These exercises
were given by Sabum Dana and Boo Sabum Rob.

At the end of a day , we realized how time flies when you’re having fun.
We ended the day tired but satisfied.

Second part took place during the weekend of 21th and 22th July in the dojang
of Sabum Pascal in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.

We were expected there at 10 o’clock and oddly enough, there was no holiday traffic
so we were all well on time.

Sabum Pascal participated several years in training camps, which are held in Poland.
Not in dobok, but in shirt and shorts or training suit, participants underwent a very
heavy physical training where the cushions were not only used to kick or strike but also as weights.

The explanations of each exercise was crystal clear. Which muscle groups are used to kick,
punch or to protect and why it is important to exercise. Very instructive to hear. Abdomen,
buttocks, lower back and legs were well taken care of and the plyometrie training was
mainly focused on the dynamic jump, which is essential especially in the special techniques.

After lunch we went by train to Brussels as it was a national holiday for Belgium.
The weather was finally better and it makes the beautiful city as Brussels so nice.
Add to that the Belgian waffles, snails (!!) and chocolate
(especially strawberries in white chocolate) to our visit , and you have all the ingredients
for a successful afternoon .

When we were back in Steenokkerzeel we had dinner with the whole group at a good
Chinese restaurant, where many jokes have been exchanged.

Part of the squad of the Netherlands went home at the end of the day.

The rest plunged into a café to play some games of snooker.
Belgium won from the Netherlands.

This time no hotel or motel for the night. Both squads slept in the dojang on
air mattresses.

The next morning we took our breakfast on the local market. The weather was great
and we strolled for an hour on the market.

The first training tul was given by Sabum Pascal. We practiced fundamenal movements
by using every fifteenth movement of each tul up to Gae-Baek. A nice approach and
especially nice to see people suddenly head count when they were asked the
fifteenth movement of e.g Gae-Baek.
After the fundamental movements we trained on competition attitude with
two persons performing 2 tuls as in competition, not just doing the tul, but more attitude,
confidence, desire to win, taking into account all key elements where umpires look at.

After lunch it was sparring training, this time in dobok and it was hard work for everyone.
There was room for comments and questions and the atmosphere was fantastic,
like the whole weekend, really fantastic.

All the coaches congratulated each other’s teams for there joined effort.
Work on things together, working hard, but with pleasure and international friendships.

It was real fun to be allowed to train with people who are equally enthusiastic and
passionate about TKD and their Association, their members, their teams, but always
with the thought: have fun.

Sabum Pascal has started from scratch and build his own Belgian Federation, he has
chosen to join our Federation.

We want to thank everyone that have made these two weekends possible. Volunteers,
Board of the TIN, Master Chris,Sabum Dana, Sabum Pascal, Boo-Sabum Rob and
Boo-Sabum Geert and we want to compliment both the Dutch and Belgian participants
for their continued dedication and discipline. It was a pleasure to work with you.

You have shown that the DO goes over borders,
and connect people from all over the world together.