Tiger party

29/06/2019 @ 13:00 – 18:00
Sporthal Hertblock
1820 Steenokkerzeel
Pascal Raeijmaekers

Sporthal Hertblock

Orchideeënlaan, 1820 Steenokkerzeel,Belgium


TIGER BITA, Hwa Rang Tigers
Contact address for all entries:
Pascal Raeijmaekers
Hellestraat 2, 1900 Vilvoorde
Email : pascalr2019@gmail.com

1 Program

Welcome Opening Hall for the tigers : 13h00
Handout of bracelets and Participant Cards: 13h00-13h15
“Super Tigers” Meeting & Helpers : 13h15-13h30
Hello TIMMY and TINA : 13h30-14h00
Part 1 of the BIG adventure travel around the world (continents) : 14h15-14h45
Toilet Break : 14h45-15h00
Part 2 of the BIG adventure travel around the world (continents) : 15h00-15h30
Toilet Break : 15h30-15h45
Part 3 of the BIG adventure travel around the world (continents) : 15h45-16h15
Toilet Break : 16h15-16h30
Part 4 of the BIG adventure travel around the world (GroupTKD) : 16h30-17h00
Toilet Break and Photos with TIMMY and TINA : 17h00-18h00
ENDEX see you soon TIMMY and TINA 18h00
Give and take a few minutes

2 Bring a friend to Tiger Party
Every Tiger (3-6 year) or every “old” Tiger (6-8 year) can bring up to 3 friends to the Party.
Purpose is to allow the tigers to show his friends what they do during a training.
Other goal is for the clubs to have the opportunity to get more students into the clubs.

3 Info and Content Tiger Party
Global Idea.
The global idea is the 6 continent sections and 1 global Taekwondo section.
There are typical aspects and games for every continent.
We will have 30 minutes for each continent where we will play the games.
We will have a toilet break every 15 minutes.
Timmy and Tina will be there at the beginning and at the end of the party.
Each group must have its own adult supervisor .
Each group responsible (SuperTiger) receives a list of participants for confirmation.
Every group leader (SuperTiger) receives the bracelets and the participant cards from his
The groups will move 1 continent further per 30 minutes.
Every continent has a minimum of 2 activities.
The last part is Taekwondo techniques together.
To end the party, there will be a photo moment with Timmy and Tina.
North America: Cowboys, Indians

South America: South American dance, Tiger face paint

Africa: Build a pyramid, Balance (carry on the head)

Asia: Building a jungle hut, Assemble Matryoshka and take it apart

Oceania: Kangaroo jump, Penguin snacking fish

Europe: Cheese balls run, Cross-country skiing on a slope

Taekwondo techniques together

4 Entry fee :
5 € per Tiger or “old” Tiger.
Payments Only in the Hall at the start of the Party

Looking forward seeing you and your tigers at the Party.
For the organization,
Head Instructor
Pascal Raeijmaekers

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