Fuji Mae Cup 8th Dec

Sunday 8 decembre, a nice competition for kids till 14 years A and B class une belle compΓ©tition spΓ©cialement pour les enfants jusqu’Γ  14 ans inclus.

Saju – Tul, sparring without contact, jump and brake from 12 years old.

Enlist as soon as possible, limited number of participants !!!

Enlist here.

Interclub youth B class till 14 years old

Saturday 7 dΓ©cembre, Hwarang-Center organises a small interclubs pour beginner and B classes until 14 years old.

For Tigres, Tul (“Saju Jirugi”), non and contact sparring, Even without dobok you may participate !!!

Each participant will receive a nice certificate of attempt.

Where : Hertblock Sports Hall, Orchideelaan, 1820 Steenokkerzeel.

Time : from 14h00 till 18h00, (open as from 13:30)

Enlist via the link here under

Enlist here.

Flanders Fields 2019

Click on the picture to go to the event details and get your tickets !

Auto Flipkens: http://www.autosflipkens.com/Home
Bakery and patisserie Vanderveken
webshop http://www.bakkerijvanderveken.be/nl/webshop
EspaΓ±a Calidade :http://www.espanacalidade.be/index.php/nl/
Micylou : https://www.micylou.com/
The burgerqueen : https://www.theburgerqueen.be/
boots sportprijzen : https://bootssportprijzen.nl/

ITF HQ BITA Team – Ecosse – RΓ©sultats

Kiara sparring : Gold πŸ₯‡ medal  UashaaaπŸ†

Idajet power-breaking  : silverπŸ₯ˆ medal

Idajet sparring : Bronze πŸ₯‰ medal

Female team, silver πŸ₯ˆ for power breaking, silver πŸ₯ˆ specials, and gold πŸ₯‡ for sparring

BITA UashaaaπŸ† πŸ† πŸ†

ITF HQ BITA Team – Scotland

ITF HQ BITA Team – Scotland
On Saturday, June 15, 2019, the 1st International “General Choi Hong Hi Memorial Cup” Team Competition led by Grand Master Sheena Sutherland will be held in Motherwell in Scotland.
Many countries and organizations will present themselves there in this tournament of green belt and higher. Work is done in individual parts in the morning and in teams in the afternoon.
This tournament, supported by ITF HQ Korea, is open to all organizations and the 45 clubs that are already registered promised to give a nice turnout.
We can present the following participants for the BITA.
Team BITA ITF HQ 2019 Participants:
  1. Kiara Patregnani
  2. Lleshi Idajet

Coaches: Sabum Pascal Raeijmaekers en Master Dana Stokhof.

In collaboration with ITF HQ Netherlands, a team of women is set up and this promises some solid fireworks.

Royal Dutch – 2019-03

Results after this long day :

10 participants, 11 medals, including 4 in gold !!!

Well done everybody, with or without medal. A nice comeback for Ryleigh and a nice 1st time for Sara. Β Medals for you next time !

Aeron 1st Tul πŸ₯‡

Brandon 2nd Tul πŸ₯ˆ

Assia 2nd Tul πŸ₯ˆ

Melle 3rd Tul πŸ₯‰

Brandon 1st Sparring πŸ₯‡

Aeron 2nd Sparring πŸ₯ˆ

Zoe 1st Sparring πŸ₯‡Β No-contact, en 2e Sparring????

Mayssoune 1st Sparring πŸ₯‡

Ayman 2nd Sparring πŸ₯ˆ

Khadija 2nd Sparring πŸ₯ˆ


Matsuru Cup 2018-09-23

A very good repetition before the European Championships.

A new system where everyone had to do a lot of rounds in tulles and in sparring, ideal for the sensations !

Results in Tul : Ayman 3rd, Assia and Marco 2nd, et a beautiful 1st place for  Mayssoune.
In non-contact sparring : Alex 2nd and Melle 1st.
In Sparring Assia 3rd, Mayssoune 2nd and Ayman 1st.

Hassan just outside of the medal but lots of rounds in tul and sparring.

Our Sabum was umpire today  ????

Another 2 weeks to wait.