The commandments of modern Taekwon-Do:

  • Loyal to your country.
  • Respect your parents.
  • Faithful to your partner.
  • Respect your brothers and sisters
  • Loyal to your friends.
  • Respect the elderly and ancients

We stick labels according to several factors, according to the interest of our teachers, the country where we are, and according to what we think ourselves.

The following points are important and can be added:

  • Respect your teachers and other students.
  • Respect the dojang.
  • Respect your opponents.
  • Enter suitably in the dojang.
  • Behave properly

The rules of behavior in the Dojang:

  • Always wear a clean and ironed Dobok.
  • Feet and hands clean, short nails.
  • Do not wear sharp, sharp things.
  • Do not wear jewelry.
  • Be on time.
  • Greet each time you enter and exit the Dojang.
  • Do not speak unless necessary