Training Secrets

In Taekwon-Do, intensive training alone is not enough to achieve quality techniques.And if an unqualified instructor teaches them incorrectly, it would have an even greater negative effect.Non-scientific movements not only reduce strength, but require an enormous amount of time to correct.  On the other hand, if the student learns the true Taekwon-Do techniques under the proper guidance of a competent instructor with dedication, he will learn them in a relatively short time and with less effort.

Students should consider the following secrets:

  1. study the theory of force thoroughly;
  2. clearly understand the purpose and method of each movement
  3. the work of the eyes, hands, feet and breath is done in one coordinated action
  4. choose the right attack tool for each vital point
  5. keep the correct angle and distance for attack and defense
  6. Keep both arms and legs slightly bent during movement
  7. All movements must begin with a backward movement with very few exceptions.However, once the movement is started, it must not be stopped before reaching the goal
  8. To create a good sinusoidal wave (sine wave) during the movement, it is necessary to use the elastic movement of the knee
  9. Exhale briefly at the moment of impact