TKD Tigers

Tigers – Life Skills Education is the world’s most professional and progressive social skills course for children ages 4 to 6.Children at this age of significant development can be heavily influenced by a role model such as our well-trained instructors.

For many years, this has given our instructors a huge sense of satisfaction!

Your child will learn from the superhero Timmy!

Children are involved in the fantasy world of Timmy and Tina the Tiger and their friends in the jungle. During the game, children learn life-changing skills in a didactic and educational way.Children are strongly encouraged during the program through endless educational games.The program includes seven main themes complemented by other important skills.

The seven main themes :

Teamwork, Leadership, Unknown People, Naughty People, Emergency Skills, Fitness and Health, Global Awareness.

The themes are perfectly balanced by the basic defensive techniques of martial arts (like Taekwon-Do) and essential motor skills.Children also learn a strong moral like being calm, helpful and even much more.At the end of each semester, children are tested for their knowledge of themes, martial arts techniques and morality.  

Through various rewards in the form of thematic lots and logos, children are constantly encouraged to learn in all areas of the program.