Germany Open 4th May 2019

Team BITA ( represente by the clubs of Hwarang, Po-Eun Ramillies, Kkamagwi en Chung-Mu ) won 21 medals with 11 competitors.

9x Gold 5x Silver en 7x Bronz.

Results Tuls :

Ayman 2e
Assia 1e
Mayssoune 2e
Hassan 1e
Julien 3e
Jahrell 2e
Justin 3e
Jahnoë 1e
Jah-kenzo 1e


Hassan 3e
Assia 2e
Ayman 1e
Mayssoune 1e
Kiara 1e
Jah-kenzo 3e
Dimitri 3e
Jahrell 2e
Justin 3e

And a beautiful gold medal in team tul for  Assia, Hassan, Mayssoune en Ayman

Bronz for Julien in power braking
and Gold for Mayssoune in specials

Congratulations to all 👊👊👊

Results Open Glasgow 2018

We had a great day with a good atmosphere, and with only 3 competitors we are taking home 6 medals…
Steven 2nd in Tul and 2nd in Sparring
Luis 3rd in Tul and 3rd in Sparring
Kiara 2nd in Kickboxing and 2nd in Sparring

Results : Fuji Mae Kids Cup 2014

These are the results of HwaRang (BE) and Chung Mu (NL) in the Fuji Mae Kids Cup 2014.


Valerio Morselin 3e
Ayman Zemouri 1e
Quinten Olbrechts 2e
Gauthier Dutrieux 3e
Ilhan SEn 2e
Matthias Olbrechts 1e
Mathias van Pee 1e
Lisa van Pee 1e
Lisa de Prins 1e
Jill hermans 1e


Mathias van Pee 1e
Quinten Olbrechts 2e
wybe Dirx 3e
ILhan Sen 3e
Ayman Zemouri 2e
Valerion Morselin 3e
Ryleigh Helms 2e
Mathias Olbrechts 2e
Lisa vanPee 2e
Jill hermans 3e

Lisa van Pee 2e
Mathias Olbrechts 2e


Mohamed Zanzoun 1e
Calvin Griffioen 3e
Quincy Akkerman 2e
Moushine Zaroual 3e
Fatima Idlahcen 2e
Khadija Abajtit 2e

Mouad El Mhassani 2e
Mohamed Zanzoun 3e
Calvin Griffioen 1e
Moushine Zaroual 3e
Melissa Liska 3e
Khadija Abajtit 2e

Calvin Griffioen 2e

Results : Battle of Utrecht 2014

Last Sunday, 5th of October, we went to the Battle of Utrecht. These are the results of the HwaRang (Steenokkerzeel, BE) and Chung-Mu (Amsterdam,NL) schools.

Lisa van Pee , girls B, 2e
Bert van Pee , senior man B, 1e
Ryleigh Helms , boys B, 3e

Lisa van Pee , girls B -140 cm, 3e
Mathias van Pee, boys B – 130 cm,  2e

Morgan Mansveldt , senior woman B, 2e
Steven Meijer, senior man 1e Dan, 3e

Morgan Mansveldt, senior woman B -57 kg, 3e

Results Open Dutch 2014

Results Open Dutch – 2014

This year there were 750 competitors from 16 different nations.

We won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 6 Bronze medals, 5 in Tuls and 6 in Sparring.

Cutina Bogdan Sparring Silver Junior Male B -50kg
Dylan de Coninck Sparring Bronze Senior Male A -57kg
Ali Ezn Tul Bronze Junior Male 4e-1kup
Sam Fournier Tul Bronze Junior Male 7e-5kup
Robbe Langereart Sparring Bronze Junior Male B -50kg
Akshan Saidov Sparring Silver Senior Male B -63kg + Gold Senior Male 7e-5kup
Matthias Olbrechts Tul Gold Youth 10e-8kup
Alison Tobback Sparring Bronze Senior Female A -68kg
Gilles Van Roy Sparring Gold Senior Male B -70kg
Lisa Vanpée Tul Silver Youth Girls 10e-8kup
Mathias Vanpée Tul Bronze Youth Boys 10e-8kup

Well done everyone.