Germany Open 4th May 2019

Team BITA ( represente by the clubs of Hwarang, Po-Eun Ramillies, Kkamagwi en Chung-Mu ) won 21 medals with 11 competitors.

9x Gold 5x Silver en 7x Bronz.

Results Tuls :

Ayman 2e
Assia 1e
Mayssoune 2e
Hassan 1e
Julien 3e
Jahrell 2e
Justin 3e
Jahnoë 1e
Jah-kenzo 1e


Hassan 3e
Assia 2e
Ayman 1e
Mayssoune 1e
Kiara 1e
Jah-kenzo 3e
Dimitri 3e
Jahrell 2e
Justin 3e

And a beautiful gold medal in team tul for  Assia, Hassan, Mayssoune en Ayman

Bronz for Julien in power braking
and Gold for Mayssoune in specials

Congratulations to all 👊👊👊

Results Open Glasgow 2018

We had a great day with a good atmosphere, and with only 3 competitors we are taking home 6 medals…
Steven 2nd in Tul and 2nd in Sparring
Luis 3rd in Tul and 3rd in Sparring
Kiara 2nd in Kickboxing and 2nd in Sparring

Extra Trainingen @ Choong Moo Namur

Choong Moo, Namur, organises 9 extra trainingen in 2014-2015.

From 9h till 10h15 for white -> green belts.

From 10h15 till 11h30 for blue -> black belts.

When : On Saturday 06/09/2014, 04/10/2014, 15/11/2014, 13/12/2014, 24/01/2015, 07/02/2015, 07/03/2015, 04/04/2015, 30/05/2015.

Where :  centre sportif de Temploux : Route de Spy, 2 ; 5020 (Near the cemetery).